Velleman K4040 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier Kit


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For most of us, a high power tube amplifier is unaffordable. This kit changes that, so that now everybody can enjoy that powerful and lush "tube sound". The sound of tubes has never been surpassed, neither by transistors nor by FETs. In the course of developing this amplifier, special attention was given to the housing so that the tubes are on display in a way that is very pleasing to the eye. The weakest point of a tube amplifier is the output transformers; that's the reason why we use ultra-linear and over-rated toroidal output transformers to guarantee a rich bass response. To extend the life of the precious valves, the amplifier is provided with a switch on delay, so that the high voltage is switched on when the tubes are warmed up. Everything you need to build this kit is included.


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  • pure valve sound with high quality EL34 tubes
  • high quality black and chrome housing
  • chrome valve socket covers
  • easy bias adjustment with LED indication
  • removable bottom for easy access and service
  • high quality capacitors and components
  • gold plated input and speaker terminals
  • standby function
  • "Soft start" circuit for power transformer


  • output power: 2 x 90Wrms music power for loads of 4 or 8 ohm
  • power bandwidth: 15Hz - 40kHz (-3dB ref. 50W)
  • frequency range: 8Hz - 80kHz (-3dB ref. 1W)
  • harmonic distortion: 0.08% (1kHz / 1W) / 0.7% (1kHz / 90W)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: > 105dB (A-weighted ref. 90W)
  • channel separation: >75dB (ref. 90W)
  • input impedance: 34Kohm
  • input sensitivity: 1Vrms at 95W
  • damping factor: >10 (100Hz)
  • weight: 37.5lb
  • dimensions: 16.7" x 5.1" x 13.8"
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