Tweed 5E3 Vacuum Tube Amp Kit


This is the perfect kit for both a first project as well as for the seasoned builder. This kit, which includes everything you'll need to complete the amp, can be constructed in one or two evenings with astounding results.

Here are some reviews and pictures of happy kit builders with their Tube Kits

With a nod to the late 50's era tweed 5E3, this is much more than just a common reproduction. With superior components and updated layouts, this amp just sounds better. From its extremely low noise floor to its full bodied tonal clarity, this amp is perfect in the studio and on stage. If you are a guitarist or harmonica player, this kit will provide you with great construction fun and unsurpassed tweed tone. This amp was meant to be played often and kept forever...and your audiences will rejoice.

>>>Power transformer tapped for export to all countries.<<<

This great kit can be customized by you with upgraded parts. Or it can be ordered without the cabinet and / or speaker. Let us give you a quote.

It is sometimes necessary for to substitute certain parts contained in a kit without prior notification. This is most often due to parts availability and/or to improve the performance of the kit. All substitutions are made with careful thought and we gladly encourage questions regarding parts substitutions you may have received.

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    Just like the other amp kits I have purchased and built from Tube Depot, this kit did not disappoint. Very well thought out and complete kit. The amp took one evening to build and the fact that it was too late to plug it in when I finished was torture. I spend most of the next day just enjoying the simplicity of this amp, and the classic tones it produces. The only question that remains is, which kit will I build next.


    reviewed by: Dperalta

    I will never buy an off the shelf amp again! It's a lot of fun to put together and the sound is fantastic. Suitable for first time builders, the instructions are very thorough with good photos and drawings. IF\f you are hesitant to try, don't be! they guys at Tube depot are great and can help. I called prior to my purchase for help trying to decide on a model. I ended up with the 5E3 and a few different Pre-amp tubes so I could experiment a bit once complete.

    reviewed by: Tom K

    This was my first amp build so I was a bit nervous. I followed the detailed directions closely and triple checked my work. To my surprise, everything worked perfectly the first time. I can't believe the sound I'm getting for the price! And since I put it together from boxes of parts, the mystery of how tube amps is gone. I'm starting to mod it now to personalize the tone. Building this amp had fundamentally changed my relationship with amps and opened up a whole new world of experimentation.

    reviewed by: Ken W.
  • Power Tubes - a duo of JJ/Tesla 6V6 power tubes
  • Preamp Tubes - two JJ/Tesla 12AX7
  • Rectifier Tube - JJ/Tesla 5AR4 / GZ34
  • Resistors - Low noise, tight tolerance carbon film and metal oxide resistors.
  • Coupling capacitors - High voltage, full clarity metalized polypropylene capacitors.
  • Electrolytic capacitors - High temperature, tight tolerance electrolytic filter capacitors.
  • Wire - High temperature, high voltage stranded wire. Easy to work with and resists melting.
  • Output Transformer - USA made with 8 ohm secondary.
  • Power Transformer - USA made with high temperature wire. Taps for: 100V / 117V / 220V / 230 / 240V
  • Speaker - Ultra efficient Jensen MOD 12-50, 50w speaker. For the highest volume and clearest tone.
  • Cabinet - 3/4" solid pine with full finger jointed for strongest construction.
  • Baffle board - Void and resonant free birch plywood provides tightest low end response.
  • Chassis - Fully chromed and durably printed reproduction of original.
  • Input and Speaker jacks - extremely durable 1/4" Switchcraft jacks for years of troublefree use.
  • Printed Circuit Board - 1/16" rugged glass epoxy board with oversized circuit traces and onboard shielding to keep tone at maximum and noise at minimum. Circuit traces follow the original layout to duplicate wiring and component tonal effects.
  • Includes SMV1 (Shock Mount V1) kit.