Tung-Sol 12AX7 New Production Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The Tung-Sol 12AX7 has a big, warm and musical sound that can help to improve the tone of any musical instrument amp as well as any Hi-Fi amp. With high-gain, low microphonics and superb linearity, this 12AX7 is sure to make your rig sound its best.

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    Really nice sounding tube.

    reviewed by: Rick

    This tube was placed on the V1 of an H&K tubemeister 18. In V2 was placed a jj ecc83s. The tubemeister got much better with much more functional tone control. Highly Recommended.

    reviewed by: Cristianoepm

    Great tubes!

    reviewed by: Matt

    Great tubes, sound great in my Mesa Mark IV

    reviewed by: Steve

    Great tubes. Clean and low noise

    reviewed by: jack

    Replaced the original Mesa ax preamp tubes and 6L6str power tubes in 11 yo Mesa 5/50 express combo amp. Only about 6 hours on the new Tung-Sol tubes and they sound much fuller with a deep, warm tonal richness. The clean channel is superb with very little noise and no microphonics. I'm sure that the more I play, these quality of sound will only be enhanced.

    reviewed by: D. Brooks

    Well, there is no way to quickly flip a switch to do an "A-B" comparison of old vs. new tubes, however, I recently bought a Sebago Sound DT-50 amp that had the original 10 year old tubes. Lots of crackles and microphonics ... the builder, Bill Dunham, recommended the Tung-Sol tubes. Put in two new power tubes (6L6) and six 12ax7 preamp tubes. I chose the options of high output with low microphonics. Voila! This is now the quietest all tube amp I have ever heard. Kudos to Tung-Sol AND to Sebago Sound amps!

    reviewed by: Alan

    Ordered this tube in a kit for a Peavey Classic 30 and they sound great.

    reviewed by: Steve

    Great tubes. Clean and low noise but break up when you need them to.

    reviewed by: James

    Has a very clean and smooth sound with pleasant harmonics in V1 of a USA-built Peavey Classic 30. "Touch" is linear with predictable break-up with volume knob or harder playing. Back to buy another for my Zoom G5 pedal now.

    reviewed by: FluffyDog6

    I love the reissue tung-sol's. They have low noise and superior tone in the V1 position of all my amps. Also put it in the phase inverter position and works great in that application as well. Highly recommended!

    reviewed by: Mike

    Super fast shipping. Love the option to order balanced triodes for the PI tube. These are standard Marshall issue.

    reviewed by: Brad Hope

    Got a pair of these for my Traynor YGL1. Nice and clear, no noise. Definitely an upgrade from the stock (Ruby branded) JJs.

    reviewed by: Andrew Meyer

    great tone, solid build

    reviewed by: JP

    I replaced the 3 stock JJ ECC83s in my Frenzel head [modified Tweed Deluxe circuit] with Tung-Sol. Main difference I notice is less preamp hiss at high gain settings [I specified low noise option], but also get a sense of more clarity across the board. The JJs had been in use for several years of home studio use, so I will have to compare longevity of the new tubes.

    reviewed by: Jeff S

    I was looking fora v1 tube to tame the highs and add some warmth to my Vox AC10 and the Tung-Sol 12AX7 seems to have gotten me much closer to that.

    reviewed by: tony f

    Great in the first position of my Peavey Classic 30 along with the Sovtek 12ax7LPS in the 2nd. Fat clean tone, headroom and musical tone. The combination improved the sound of the amp.

    reviewed by: Jamie Rogers

    This is my go to 12ax7. Smooth and balanced.

    reviewed by: John

    I've used every new production tube make in my many amps . The current TungSol 12ax7 is by far the best quality out there . The highs are clear and clean an the entire sound is transparent compared to a JJ . Yes , they're somewhat more expensive , but for V1/2 in a clean amp they are unbeatable , Tubedepot will provide every possible grading option too , which others don't .
    Matched sides for push-pull , low noise/micro for higher apps and vibration , plus high-gain for gas-heads . Well worth the cost .

    reviewed by: Neil P

    I installed a set of these in a Orange Dual Terror. The first thing I noticed was how dynamic they were. Soft picking or finger picking yielded a clean sound, as I dug in with a hard attack, the gain followed. They are nice and crisp, very articulate and loud. In comparison with the original jj tubes that came with the amp, the jj's yielded a fuzz type gain but almost no articulation. No matter how softly I would pick, it just wouldn't clean up. Could have been that the jj's were tired, dont know.
    I'd suggest these if you're looking to tame your terror, make it more articulate but retain the gain.

    reviewed by: AbeL

    Excellent tubes and the additional options TD offer make it even better!!

    reviewed by: Michael Couts

    I am using this tube in my dialogue 7's Very pleased with the sound and value. Excellent bang for the buck -

    reviewed by: sat7

    Can't beat the Tung-Sol in just about any preamp position. I totally concur with this being the best of the best new manufactured tubes!

    reviewed by: SteveTR

    Tung Sol is my favorite brand of new manufactured tubes.

    reviewed by: David

    Nice tube the sound is actually way better than the Ruby it replaced. Will get more of those in the future. ;)

    reviewed by: Joel
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