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Sovtek EL84 Power Vacuum Tube

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Sovtek EL84 are extremely reliable and good sounding. The construction has improved steadily over the years. Sovtek EL84 are currently being used by such manufacturers as Fender - Crate - and Peavey. The Sovtek EL84 produce an unbeatable smooth - warm distortion. Excellent replacements in vintage VOX AC-30's and the like.

NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers:

  • BadCat Model 2R
  • Bad Cat Amplifier Model Black Cat
  • Marshall DSL201
  • Marshall DSL401
  • VOX reissue AC15
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    I really like the Sovtek 12ax7 so I thought I try the el84's they sound fine in my ac10 but I bought them more for longevity as el84's don't last for me especially in Fenders.

    reviewed by: Tony F

    I have ordered these tubes 2 times and they never fail me.They perform much cohesively with my amp than JJ or Tung-Sol. Great value for money.

    reviewed by: Michael

    Great sound and doesn't break the bank. Never going back to JJs!

    reviewed by: John Strand

    I'm pretty sure these are the existing tubes in my TopHat Club Royale so I bought these as a backup. Sounds great.

    reviewed by: Frank

    Installed these in my TopHat Super Deluxe Mk2 per TopHat's recommendation. Sounds great.

    reviewed by: Frank

    Great Valves. Works really well with my amplifier a Brazillian hand-made.

    The tones are so great that I'll definetly buy them again in the next opportunnity.

    Product came in very well packed. Brazzilian post office os ontem for mto handling items with care. But everything came in pristine condition.

    reviewed by: Bruno Borges de Souza
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