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Single Preamp Tube Project Power Transformer


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Whether your building a kickin' new tube distortion pedal or installing a tube f/x loop into your amp, this is the perfect power transformer for powering your very own single preamp tube design. Just add your own rectifier and filter circuit (see our recommended circuit below) and connect the filaments. All that is left is your imagination.

This is a high quality American made EI power transformer with a polymer sealed nickle steel alloy laminate core. Superior enameled copper is used through out the transformer construction with eye catching color-coded high voltage / high temperature stranded PVC insulated wire leads.

This is the same amazing power transformer used in our world famous Button guitar pedal.
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  • Primary: 120 Volts (two black wires)
  • Secondary: 200 VRMS / 3 mA (two red wires)
  • 6.3 VRMS (center tapped) / 300mA (two green wires / single center tap yellow-green wire)
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