#47 Pilot Lamp


#47 Pilot Lamp

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    Perfect replacements for fender amps.

    reviewed by: BWilcox

    Just perfect little pilot lights 💡 replacement for my amp.

    reviewed by: Andre

    I had been searching for this little light bulb for months, too expensive and no matches at local automotive and lighting places, but Tube Depot had them, and they were the perfect replacement for my 1975 Fender Deluxe Reverb (that Fender itself couldn't locate any of these bulbs, unless you wanted to buy the whole package) -- but thankfully, all I needed was one, and Tube Depot accommodated! The service was excellent, and whoever I talked to, made double sure I had the right one. It was so nice to see a glowing red light on my amp again, as soon as I put it in! Just perfect! And, as usual, economically priced by a reliable company who knows their stuff! Joe Morris, Norfolk, NE

    reviewed by: Joe Morris