Nixie Clock with 4 IN-14 Tubes - Wood Base


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Finally, a nixie clock that is attractive and affordable. With four Soviet era IN-14 nixie tubes and a white acrylic and wood base, this clock looks great in your office, bedroom or kitchen. If you've wanted a nixie clock but have been put off by the high price, this is your chance to get the timekeeper that you know you'll love.

This clock also has the built-in option for blue led lights under the tubes. The contrast of cool blue with the warm glow of nixie love is a sight to behold.

Nixie Clock with 4 IN-14 Tubes - Acrylic Base

An amazing display in the dark.


Nixie Clock with 4 IN-14 Tubes - Acrylic Base

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    Looks great and works well. Had to read setting instructions a few times amazing how many functions two buttons can have.

    reviewed by: Jeff

    Just plain cool. In a jam room full of tubes amps this clock is perfect.

    reviewed by: Peter Michaud
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