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The Electro Harmonix Nano Bassballs Twin Envelope Filter Effects Pedal has everything you loved about the original Bassballs in a nano size. The human vocal-like sound of its two sweeping filters gives bass a strong presence under leads. The resonant frequencies are engineered solidly into the full range of the bass guitar's strongest harmonic frequencies. Bassballs will respond to every single bass note. The sweep is widely variable, and harmonic enrichment is available with the distortion switch. Power supply sold seperately PS-US96DC-200BI

Listen to The Nano Bassballs: Fender Jazz Bass direct into UA LA-610 to Apogee Duet.

Response Set at 1/2 - MP3

Response Set at Full - MP3

Response Set at 1/2 with Distortion - MP3

Response Set at 3/4 with Distortion - MP3

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