Mullard CV491 ECC82 / 12AU7


These are the rarest and best sounding 12AU7 available anywhere. With 17mm long plates and D-shaped square getters, these 1955-1957 wavy glass Mullard CV491 / ECC82 / 12AU7 will impress even the most discerning critic with their lush tone, perfect midrange and liquid sound. All of the ones we have are from the Blackburn factory.

  • I am trying them now. Of course, they have something in common with the CV 4003 tubes - the unique Mullard's uniform sound. Mullard tubes, thanks to their neutrality, are good to compensate for shrillness of other components, but despite their silky character, they have plenty of detail and dynamics. The CV 4003 tubes sound more aggressive than CV491's, and the latter tubes are more layered and have more "intimate" sound...

    A. Kolegov | Moscow, Russia

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