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JJ EL84 / 6BQ5 Power Vacuum Tube

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The JJ EL84 is a great replacement for any EL84 / 6BQ5 tube. It offers reliability, great sound, and has a low price. We were surprised by the quality from this tube. It is as good as some of the early NOS varieties like Mullard and Amperex. These work perfectly in Scott and Fisher amps as well as any EL84 guitar amp.

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    Used this tube in place of the one that came in my Bassbreaker- less hum compared to the original. Happy with my purchase.

    reviewed by: H Habersham

    Used a quad to replace groove tubes that were a 5 rating which were about 12 years old and still working(worn out) amazing..after installing I thought I had a brand new amp(Crate V3112 made in USA)virtually no hum..really loud and clean again..JJ have come along way in last decade..only regret is I should have done sooner. Bought a quad if Ruby 84s (rebranded JJs)from another dealer and were broke due to poor packaging.U wont have that problem here and the price is right.Fast shipping also..

    reviewed by: willie

    Great value on these EL84's and you can't beat the free matching. I opted for the 24-hr burn-in. That seems like a no-brainer at $1.50.

    reviewed by: etzeppy

    Most of the reviews here reference using the JJ EL84 in guitar amps. Another place where it shines is when restoring West German tube radios from the 1950's. Using NOS tube these radios have excessive, booming bass and fuzzy highs when listening to rock stations. The JJ EL84 solves this problem and sound great on both FM and AM.

    reviewed by: Richard Brown

    Sound great. Can't beat for the price.

    reviewed by: Brandon

    Put this in an old Hammond Organ and it fired right up! Sounds great.

    reviewed by: skiingfiddler

    Replaced power & preamp tubes in a Monoprice 15w amp. Sounds much better. =]

    reviewed by: C. Berry

    So far they're beating the pants off the stock tubes in my Vox AC10.

    reviewed by: Thayer

    Recently purchased a set of the 12AX7s for the preamp section of my Peavey Classic 30 and was pleasantly surprised with the sound. Since the Sovtek EL84/6BQ5s in the power section were the same age, (close to 20 years) I decided to try a set of JJs in that spot as well. Woke up this amp the rest of the way! Don't get me wrong, I like the Sovteks and they've given good service, but to my ears the the JJs are just a little sweeter.

    reviewed by: James

    So far these JJs sound great. Shipping was incredibly fast. Will be ordering all my tubes here in the future.

    reviewed by: Cal

    I, too tried Tung Sol and Mullards, but these JJs sound solid and last much longer. Good sound, great price.

    reviewed by: Kevin Miller

    I replaced my AC30C2 power section with these JJ's and loved the sound! probably going to be sticking with these. Got them burned in at 24 hours and played a show the very next day after installing them

    reviewed by: David Dutton

    I've tried Tung Sol and Mullards in my ac15 but these JJ's are just the best. The amp sounds like a jet engine and have stayed reliable. I've used the gold pin JJ's as well and didn't notice a difference. Stick with these.

    reviewed by: Diego

    In my vox ac10 it's very tight and EL84's with wider glass could be a problem. The JJ's are slim and do the job for me in that amp. I use them also in my pro jr as the OEM tubes groove tubes are JJ's.

    reviewed by: tony f

    Good reliable tubes.

    reviewed by: Steve

    The JJ EL84 is a solid tube as a replacement for pretty much any EL84. It's hard to beat this price.

    reviewed by: Federico

    Been using JJ EL84's going back many years. My amp is a Crate V1512. These tubes sound rather bright to my ears, with bass response a little lean. I tend to use the tone controls on the Crate to boost bass response and cut mids with tubes like the JJs. One shortcoming of this last pair I ordered--one of the tubes has a hot spot on the filament which flares up briefly upon every power-up. This is a manufacturing defect which may end up shortening the lifespan of this particular tube. Also, I think I'm hearing some microphonics from time to time. Overall though, I think JJ EL84's are a good value.

    reviewed by: Jay Roller

    My amp beats up power tunes and these are a nice price and what Matchless ships with. Will have to wait and see on longevity, but sound punchy.

    reviewed by: anxiousmofo

    I always use JJs' in my Peavey Classic series amps. They just work.

    reviewed by: Cant go wrong.

    Outstanding tone. Put a pair of these (24hr. burn and matching option) in my Crate Vintage Club 20W. Sounds fantastic and clean burning.

    reviewed by: Daniel

    Great performance from these at a great price!!

    reviewed by: Christopher L.

    Bought two of these for my Crate VC20 amp (along with 3 JJ 12AX7s). After replacing all 5 tubes, the amp sounds great--as good as it ever has in my opinion. I bought them because they had good reviews and were reasonably priced. I'm happy with the purchase.

    reviewed by: Bob D.

    I think JJ preamp tubes are overrated but I do like the power tubes. That said I did have a pretty new EL84 fail but who knows what caused it. I chose a matched duet for my blues junior based on there reputation for being tuff and I think the JJ's are a good match for that amp.

    reviewed by: Tony F

    I ordered a second set on sale for my 2 Dyna MkIV mono amps. Very pleased with the sound. Tube Depot is first rate in my book.

    reviewed by: mp

    JJ's are a solid choice for reliable tubes. I don't think they are the best sounding but a good all around tube when considering price vs quality. They also tend to perform better than more expensive tubes in amps that run higher plate voltage.

    reviewed by: Jason
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