JJ ECC83s / 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum Tube


These tubes are immediately discernible from other 12AX7. They have a construction that is similar to a frame-grid tube - similar to the Telefunken ECC803s. This construction makes them very rugged and reliable. This is one of the best new 12AX7 for any guitar amp. It is very musical - rich with great harmonics. An excellent tube in all Marshall amps in the three preamp positions.

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    I use JJ 12AX7 tubes extensively in new builds. Some amps get three of these, and in some amps I use this tube as a phase splitter. They're also resistant to microphonic. They're a great value.

    reviewed by: Texas Tone Amps

    Great tubes, used in vox AC-30 and they sound great.

    reviewed by: Steve

    This tube sounds great in the cathode follower position of my 5f6a inspired build.

    reviewed by: Kam

    Sounds great in my vintage Fender Champ!

    reviewed by: Bodhi

    JJs' are always a good tweed choice.

    reviewed by: My go to

    great tube!

    reviewed by: jake

    Great tube for your Monney,they went in my Mesa boogie express 5:25 head and they sound very good

    reviewed by: Madmac640

    Inexpensive and well made tubes. I used these in my Fender Blues Jr amp with great results. I will continue to use these in my other amps when needed.

    reviewed by: Stephen Holt

    Great for the price. brought my amp back to life, I plan to get more in the future.

    reviewed by: Gregg Johns

    These tubes are the best bang for the buck! Low microphonics and rattling! A little darker than other tubes but nothing EQ changes can't fix!

    reviewed by: Jesse

    Like their 12AT7, this is really sturdy and low in noise. I really like it in the V4 slot in my deluxe Reverb.

    reviewed by: Jesse

    I use this tube every gear on my head amps, It' very clear sound and natural.

    reviewed by: Nott

    I've solved many problems with vintage and new combo amps with these tubes. Can you get a better tone? Sure, but realize expensive NOS tubes have been picked over for decades, and even mil spec or hospital grade tubes from yesteryear, while unique and sought after, often ring or squeal in a combo amp. The JJ ECC83s is very quiet and well behaved due to robust design, and sound so good at the price point, that it is a no-brainer. Tube Depot's extensive testing and the volume of these they deal with can get you very close to vintage tone with no worries!

    reviewed by: Kenneth

    I decided to replace the 3 12AX7s and 2 EL84s in my Crate VC20 amp because one of the tubes had gone microphonic--I didn't know which one, so I decided to replace them all. I used three of these JJ tubes because they were reasonably priced and had very good reviews. I'm very happy with the way the amp sounds with these tubes (plus two new JJ EL84s) and it fixed the microphonics problem I was having. No complaints.

    reviewed by: Bob D

    Cool Tubes

    reviewed by: Aldo

    Great tube i use these is everything. Sometimes i try others but i always go back to these. Love my Jj's

    reviewed by: Nuclear Guitarfare

    The JJ ecc83s is a excellent preamp tube! In the modern times we live in it is great to be able to purchase a new tube of this quality. I tube rolled nos mullards, rca, ge, and compared them by ear then by recordings all at the same settings, and my conclusion is that the ge is quite close to the jj but not as open and airey, the mullard is good like the rca, but with my setup the jj is hands on a better tube especially because of availability and price! I use them in all my amps, and to my ear is better than the reissue tung sol. Of course there are a lot of factors involved in acheiving that sound guitarists are looking for. For the price, buy one or two break them in 20+ hours and give them a go. I've been using jj tubes for the past 6 years, have always bought them from Tube Depot. They are the best tube supplier that I've ever ordered from, so do your ears a favor and listen to the sweet harmonics you can get from the JJ ECC83S!

    reviewed by: Eddy Chicago

    These are my go to tubes. Sound great every time.

    reviewed by: Brian Deer

    Great Valves. Works very Dell um mundo guitar amp.

    reviewed by: Bruno Borges de Souza

    I put these in my Hot Rod Deluxe. The amp has never sounded better.

    reviewed by: Craig Kowalchuk

    Used these as a replacement for the original Miniwatt tubes in a Kriesler 11-95 radiogram from the 70's. Excellent bang for your buck. Work as expected. Would highly recommend.

    reviewed by: David

    holy cow. a set of 2+1 in the Cube and a world of improvement.

    reviewed by: ed martens

    The JJs are my go-to tubes for my AC15. They're rugged and inexpensive, and they are well-balanced with breakup at fairly low volume.

    reviewed by: Pete

    Whether you are looking for good performance or low price, I can recommend the JJ 12AX7. I have it in a number of guitar amps (some that I built) and a hi-fi amp (that I rebuilt) and they work well in both applications.

    reviewed by: Rick

    I use this tube as my everyday listening tube currently. I favored it immediately above new production Tung-sol which came with my Jolida Tube Dac III (I have 2 of them, which allows me to A/B them).

    There was more harmonic information and slightly more warmth, but plenty of crisp high frequency detail and air.

    It is a very coherent sounding tube that faithfully plays back music with a sense of the whole recording; it doesn’t try to dissect the recording, while still allowing one to follow individual aspects of a performance if desired.

    It gives you that bit of “extra” that solid-state always seems to lack on stringed instruments, voices, timbral resolution, etc. It is subtle but noticeable, which will please those who don’t want to veer into tubby rolled-off sounds.

    Compared to a new production Mullard, it is a little less boisterous, in terms of its presentation. The Mullard gives a little extra “extra”, relative to my comments above.

    However, while the Mullard is slightly preferable with classical, jazz, small ensembles and acoustic performances due to its highlighting capabilities, one might argue it is a bit less refined and coherent, especially when pushed hard. This isn’t bad, just different. Even certain metal tunes can sound great with the Mullard, but it sometimes loses its composure.

    So then, the JJ ECC83s, is a stellar all-rounder and a very satisfying tube.

    Highly recommended!!

    reviewed by: Home base!!

    I use this at the tone control on my Eico HF-85. and ECC803 on my V1& V2. sounds excellent

    reviewed by: Gordon

    .First class preamp tube.I use these as standard to compare NOS tubes

    reviewed by: Shawn Wood

    Best preamp tube for the money!!

    reviewed by: Christopher Lineberry

    First re-tube in my haze40 without microphonic noise. Fast shipping, well packaged. free shipping over $100, like that!

    reviewed by: John Coyle

    Installed these in my Reverend Hellhound and they sound great!

    reviewed by: Gerry Mattei

    I installed three of these in my 2000 Marshall 1959SLP and they sound great. I highly recommend.

    reviewed by: Yugedrums