JJ ECC803s / Hi-Performance 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The JJ ECC803s is a hi-performance 12AX7 that has a spiral wound filament to reduce noise and hum. The construction is different from the JJ ECC83 in that the plates are more conventional, but have a special heat dissipating fin that serves to improve efficiency and gain. The plates of the tube are also "over-sized" (longer) as compared to most standard 12AX7 tubes. This over sized plate structure improves details in the bass and low mid-range responses. If you want that great JJ tone in a hi-performance package, then these are for you.

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    I was given a brand new hand made Marshall amp so I could install a PPIMV . Now when dimed, there was a LOT of tube hum from the front end. After doing a spectrum analysis, the dimed hum was -16dB ( stupid loud for hum ). When I replaced stock Marshall V1 and V2 tubes with Low noise 803S JJ's, the hum dropped to -44dB !! Spectrum Analysis showed that the JJ's distortion was identical to stock, with more bottom. Happy Customer. JJ's ROCK !!

    reviewed by: The Ampdoctor

    My go to tube for my JCM-2000 TSL-100 and my JVM-205c. To me, this is the best for Marshalls. Nice with high gain without being harsh. These really smooth out the overall sound of Marshalls. If you have a Marshall, you need to give these a try.

    reviewed by: Tim

    A good tube for upgrading the stock 12ax7 of my integrated amplifier.

    reviewed by: Adrian

    Perfect replacement for an old Crate 5 watt amp. No micro-phonics at all. Very crisp and clean sounding preamp tube.

    reviewed by: Buckwheat

    Great phase inverter tube for Mesa Recs esp for the Triple. My Sons Band mates liked them.

    reviewed by: Drew

    Great tube works as advertised not noisey or microphonic. I just put all new tubes in my 68 Fender Pro Reverb, with all the other tubes and solid state rectifier, the Pro has never sounded better.

    reviewed by: David

    Great Sound and very low noise

    reviewed by: Nott

    Great sounding tube large sound stage great for marshall

    reviewed by: Richard F

    I love these tubes. Smooth, plenty of gain and eh high end is sweet and never piercing.

    reviewed by: Brian

    Love these. Gets the job done.

    reviewed by: Chad

    I put 4 of these tubes in my Dumble clone and it sounds as good as the NOS GE 12AX7A/7025 tubes IMO!!!

    reviewed by: Matt

    Great tube, works as it should

    reviewed by: Andrew

    Sound very good!!!

    reviewed by: Sébastien Gilbert

    Great Sounding tube! Sound Like A JJ but has tighter lows!

    reviewed by: James
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