JJ 6V6S Power Vacuum Tube

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This is the newly released 6V6 that we have been waiting for. With a robust tone and great overhead - this may be one of the best sounding new production 6V6 available. Having a spiral filament - this tube is able to withstand the high voltages that some other 6V6 cannot.

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    Bought a matched quad for use in an old Magnavox Hifi power section. Really opened up the top end with no audible distortion. Very clean tube!

    reviewed by: Waide

    bought a matched pair to replace some old RCA's in my deluxe reverb reissue and I couldn't be happier .crisp clear sound and nice breakup when pushed

    reviewed by: scott

    A matched quad of these brought my Dr. Z Remedy back to life. Shipping was the fastest that it has ever been. Thanks.

    reviewed by: Carl B

    The JJ 6V6S is a very good sounding, rugged tube. But they can be prone to being microphonic. The difference is the vendor - Tube Depot does a very good job of testing the tubes they sell. Highly recommended when a rugged tube is desired.

    reviewed by: Lyle Caldwell

    These are great tubes! Absolute best experience ever ordering tubes! Fast Delivery & Unbelievably well packaged! Could not be happier!

    reviewed by: Extremely Satisfied!

    Always a good choice. A tough, good sounding 6V6.

    reviewed by: JL

    Just put a set of these in my tweed Deluxe, really woke it up.

    reviewed by: Chris

    Great tube, but doesn't sound like a traditional 6V6.

    The JJ 6V6 is great if you're looking for a more modern sound or something more like a 6L6. If you're looking for the sound of an old tweed Fender or old Ampeg - this is not the tube.

    reviewed by: Rich

    Great all around tubes! Can't beat JJ's for the quality and price.

    reviewed by: Jay Kick

    These are excellent tubes.Used in my amp builds for a modern tone

    reviewed by: Shawn Wood

    great tubes!

    reviewed by: SAM
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