JJ 6L6GC Power Vacuum Tube


This tube will work well in any guitar or Hi-Fi amplifier. The lows are deep without being muddy, while the top end is very detailed without being as bright as other tubes in this price range.

Price is for a single tube.

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    Like, totally tubular!

    reviewed by: James Mush

    Makes my Boogie Mark I happy.

    reviewed by: BigC

    This tube have a amazing clean sound... not all JJ’s good like this but the 6L6, number 1

    reviewed by: Marc

    I now have a happy Hot Rod!

    reviewed by: Alex

    Sound good in my blackface bassman.

    reviewed by: Rich Haigh

    Very good power tube, I ask for a matched set and they where matched perfect, they work as advertised. Great bang for the money. I’m using them in a 68 pro reverb and they have returned all the dynamics and sparkle of the classic fender tone.

    reviewed by: David

    Brought my Mesa Boogie back to life !!!!!

    reviewed by: Chris L.

    My Orange Rockerverb 50 mkii came with el34's. IMO the amp had excess midrange and not enough low end or top end. These 6L6's were just what I needed to get the tone I was looking for. Great purchase!

    reviewed by: Gabe

    Good tunes !!!

    reviewed by: Patrick

    These tubes just plain put the power to the pavement. Much better than other brands costing more. If you play metal, look no further!

    reviewed by: Jeremi

    Great tubes. Replaced another pair of JJs in my Granger modded Hotrod Deluxe that lasted almost 8 years.

    reviewed by: Cbusser

    Good tubes for the cost. Gets the job done.

    reviewed by: Chad

    I use these in my Peavey VTM 60, and Peavey 5150 amps. Great tubes for the money, awesome tone.

    reviewed by: Twiz

    Punchy with a Fender Deville. Big low end, sparkling highs. Very good tubes.

    reviewed by: TAO

    I love these tubes. Big and punchy. Great dynamic range. Nice fit for the Peavey JSX. Definitely break these in with an overnight-or-so burn.

    reviewed by: Dandoo

    I like what these have done to my Reverence Hellhound. Punchy and articulate!

    reviewed by: Gerry Mattei

    Great, consistent tubes! Can't really go wrong with JJ's for the price.

    reviewed by: Jay Kicklighter

    These are solid new production tubes at a good price. I've used them in SE and push-pull applications - guitar amp and PA - and they are strong and clear. Not warm.

    reviewed by: Bryan Kolaczkowski