Genalex - Gold Lion KT77 Power Vacuum Tube

A faithful reproduction, this Genalex – Gold Lion KT77 has heavy glass and ruggedized plates that will allow it to handle just about any abuse you give it and still have room to breath. Made in Russia to exacting standards, the new Genalex – Gold Lion is a true echo of the past. With gold plated grid wire and beautiful artwork, these KT77 have a lot of power with good headroom too.
Price is for a single tube.

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    The sound is crispy clean, lots of details. Beautiful.

    reviewed by: Liyen

    Wow! These tubes are So Awesome, offering a excellent bottom end with a nice growl about them and remaining clear and clean all the way through the frequency range, I Highly recommend.

    reviewed by: Peter cady

    WOW! These tubes are Awesome in my jcm800. I found them to have good bottom end Growl and very clear and clean through the entire frequency range and I highly recommend you give them a try.

    reviewed by: Peter cady