Genalex - Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 Preamp Vacuum Tube |

Genalex - Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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Hi-Fi - With clarity and detail flowing over the entire musical bandwidth, the Genelex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 tube presents an articulate tone very reminiscent of vintage hand selected Amperex E88CC tubes. A bold sounding tube that warmly embraces the midrange and low end without unbalancing the crystalline highs, the Genelex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 marries the finest materials and surgical like construction resulting in the finest tube made today. The full shielding between the two triodes insures incredibly low cross-talk distortion, perfect for minute sources such as phonograph cartridges and tube microphones where every nuance is important. The noise canceling spiral filaments, thick structural mica spacers, and gold plated contact pins round out the finishing foundations that make this Genelex Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 tube the top choice for discriminating audiophile applications.

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    Hello Just Wanted Say Thank To Tube depot I e mailed Them a Week or So ago asking For advice on what tube to replace my Rode K2 stock Tube With i Said i Wanted a Little More Top End and they suggested The Genalex - Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 i Recorded with the rode stock tube frist and after Replacing the Rode K2 with the Genalex - Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 i let it worm up For about 1 Hr Then Recoded it was Like Night and Day the stock tube was Dark and Mudy and the Genalex - Gold Lion E88CC / 6922 Was Clear With more Top End i em going to Bern it in For a Day Then see what it sounds Like Thank Tube Depot Very Happy with the tube

    reviewed by: Frank Rogers

    I replaced the stock tube in my Rode NTK mic with this Gold Lion E88CC after reading good things about it. Initially, after about 12 hours of burning in, I could not notice any real difference, but after 24 hours it was chalk & cheese! The Gold Lion E88CC gives the mic a much rounder, balanced sound - not as harsh, less sibilence, and gives a smooth husky character to my voice that I did not notice before.

    reviewed by: Chris vdH

    Bought these tubes for an Icon Audio phono preamp. I asked the designer, David Shaw, to recommend tub upgrades for the output stage and he mentioned the Gold Lions. Got them with low noise, high gain, and balanced triodes. Wonderful tubes ! Clearly superior to the stock tubes I had on my unit. Service at TubeDepot is also tops: having the choice of paying a little extra for top quality within a batch of new production tubes is a great feature. Excellent !

    reviewed by: Hector

    Got this Genalex Gold Lion E88CC after reading lots of comments online about their goodness.
    It was first tube purchase, for my first hybrid tube headphone amp, so I wanted to play it safe.
    All I can say is that the sound of this tube is very clear, detailed, not bloated at all. A real pleasure.

    As a side note, I also exchanged emails w. the Tubedepot team as it was my first tube order: responses were prompt and precise: much appreciated !

    Will order more tubes for more tube rolling on my amp.

    reviewed by: LP

    These are great little tubes. I got a set of four for my Manley Chinook phono pre-amp. The first couple days were too harsh, but the tubes settled in after that and now they sound great.

    reviewed by: Jeff T
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