Genalex - Gold Lion B759 / ECC83 / 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum |

Genalex - Gold Lion B759 / ECC83 / 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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Hi-Fi - Never before has a preamp tube better reflected the Genelex Gold Lion ideals of perfection. Combining the purest raw materials, this Genelex Gold Lion B759 / ECC83 / 12AX7 tube has been designed with dual oversized plates, noise canceling spiral wound filaments, thick structural mica spacers, and gold plated contact pins. These features provide solid low end response coupled with an articulate midrange and delicately warm high end tonality. Especially useful for taming brittle digital sources such as MP3, CD and DVD players, the Genelex Gold Lion B759 tube is the premier choice for the best audiophile experience.

Guitar - Woe to other preamp tubes because this Genelex Gold Lion B759 tube is THE power house of tone. With solid lows deeper than the Marianas trench and mids that butter the air, this tube easily vanquishes all pretenders with its over-the-top tonality. The dual oversized plates, noise canceling spiral wound filaments, thick structural mica spacers, and gold plated contact pins give this Genelex Gold Lion B749 better clarity, warmth, and sheer muscle than any other mere 12AX7. If you've been looking, here it is. The Genelex Gold Lion B759 tube will take you and your tone to a higher level of performance.

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    I bought these tubes to replace the Chinese ones on my amp and it makes a huge difference. Highly recommended

    reviewed by: Dung Doan

    This tube in Hifi amps needs time to sound it's very best more than any preamp tube I have ever owned It changed dramatically after a couple months of feeling like I'd wasted my money. Then slowly but undeniably it started to open up and has more body and presents it was kind of thin and lazy at first. With this tube patients will reward you.

    reviewed by: Jeffrie Harper

    Sounds absolutely amazing in the B300 SE amp I built! Highly recommended.

    reviewed by: mrt

    I was ready to sell my Marshall JTM 30.
    Even though I cured it of it’s overheating problem( the bias was set too high from the factory and it’s tranny was too small) I still wasn’t getting a good sound out of it.
    A friend suggested this tube....I tried it.
    This tube in V1 position turned this amp around!!! The sound is unbelievable now!!! I WILL NOT be selling this amp!!
    I now have 2 other Marshall JTM’s that I have given this treatment to and they now are fantastic!!
    I highly recommend this tube to turn around a lackluster amp!

    reviewed by: Rich Prestia

    This vacuum tube has all the dynamic range, warmth and clarity available in a 12AX7.

    reviewed by: Tom Ivester

    I have been using this tube in my phono preamp with such satisfying range and musicality that I ordered another one for my other preamp/table recently. I have heard no tube in its price range that delivers such satisfaction. It makes any cartridge sound fuller and more extended.

    reviewed by: Tom Ivester

    This vacuum tube is full of romantic atmosphere, and very musical. Besides, the dynamic is outstanding. When I used this tube in my EAR 834p phone amp, the effect is excellent!

    reviewed by: Saul
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