Electro-Harmonix EL34 EH Power Vacuum Tube

The Electro Harmonix EL34EH is one of the most musical EL34 available today. It is powerful without being harsh. It is the perfect replacement for older guitar amps as well as modern Hi-Fi amps. The EL34EH is the perfect mix of balanced tone with good power.
Price is for a single tube.

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    Great tube. Clear, smooth, punchy and articulate. Currently have them in a Marshall DSL40C (DSL's have excellent clean tone) and they sound great. Surprising so. Would put them in any amp. These sound as good as any current production EL34 tube I have tried.

    reviewed by: Damion

    I got the ElectroHarmonix EL34 for my Bugera T50,along with some preamp tubes. They sound great and helped round out and smooth the tones.

    reviewed by: Stephen Holt

    Excellent tube. I use them in my Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 and they sound good and work with no problems.

    reviewed by: Willie

    Got a matched pair for a Blackstar Ht 20. Was a toss up between JJ and EH, and opted to try the EH EL34. Glad I did. Bigger fuller warmer sound. Also, put a JJ5751 in the pre amp section to tame the drive channel a bit. Great combo.

    reviewed by: Louie

    Got a matched pair of these for my Marshall DSL40C. These tubes have a warmer sound and really woke up the amp.

    reviewed by: Electro-Harmonix EL34 EH Power Vacuum Tube