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12AT7WC JAN Philips

Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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This is the mil spec version of the 12AT7 tube type. We have mostly the JAN Philips brand.

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    I love these tubes. I've put them in the Reverb and PI positions in my Orange and Fender amps and could not be happier with their performance. Affordable and rock solid, definitely worth the investment.

    reviewed by: John

    These Jan Philips 12AT7's are great in any application. PI, reverb. Great replacement for a 12AX7 if you want to take a little edge off the AX7. Great in a tube compressor..

    reviewed by: the otherguyrec

    I process all my source signals with a pair of tube preamps. This is a great tube, espicially in this application, where it provides a nice Analog polish to the digital workflow. Burn 'em all in a bit.

    reviewed by: Phil Cousar

    This is a great tube for Phase Inverters and Reverb Drivers. I have used it in the preamp many times as well to tame a hot channel. It's also my go to tube when a customer demands a classic tube that won't break the bank.

    reviewed by: Gary Donovan

    I have used this tube in a Fender Bandmaster in V2 and in a Carr Rambler in V1 (replacing a 12AX7). Gotta record? Pop in a 12AT7. Band mates complaining about your volume? Pop in a 12AT7. I used to think of this a lowly step-child tube that only served in the PI position, but I like it at the start of the signal now!

    reviewed by: Tim Truehouse

    This tube sounds great in my blackface fender inspired build’s PI slot when overdriven. I also ordered a low noise/microphonics screened one for my fender reverb unit build and couldn’t be happier with the results.

    reviewed by: Kam

    a great value for the price, great sounding tube for Blackface Fender PIs

    reviewed by: JP

    This is a great tube for the reverb socket of a Fender,...Been using them for years,...

    reviewed by: Dave M.

    I wanted a NOS domestic made tube for my McIntosh 275. This tube gives a very clean and detailed sound. It sounds close to the original tubes.

    reviewed by: Wesley Okada

    Bought this for the V4 position of my Mesa Mark V. This tube in that position really helps to balance the sound—no more icepick highs that I was getting with JJs. The amp has so much gain that it's easy to compensate for the marginal drop in gain with this tube compared to a 12AX7. This is a great tube at a great price!

    reviewed by: Dan

    Bought this for the V2 position of my Headstrong Lil' King. The reverb sounds very lush and clear. I am using a NOS JAN GE 12AX7 in V1 - together they give a fantastic Fender clean tone. With this tube you get NOS longevity for a few bucks more than current production tubes -- it's a no-brainer.

    reviewed by: Ivan

    I'm using this tube in a hifi application in the second preamp positions (V2 & V6) of a Jolida 302B integrated amp. They are top rate NOS tubes and have taken the edge off of the highs yet bass remains very solid. They have also quieted the baseline hum. Very pleased with the quality and the end result is excellent!

    reviewed by: CS

    I always wanted a high gain, too many switches multi channel amp so I got a Carvin V3m at their 25% off goodbye sale. Ridiculous amount of gain stock. Couldn't balance the 3 channel volumes for clean/crunch/lead. Some JJ 5751s and 12AT7s in the preamp helped a lot. Tried these JAN Phillips in V1 and V2 and ordered four of them that same day. They sound great. Clear highs without being sharp, strong mids and tight bass. The V3m is more usable and sounds better overall. Would probably be good in a PI or a reverb as well. $15 for a 1980's NOS tube is a steal! Buy this tube NOW.

    reviewed by: MM

    I used this as a PI in V3, works great, made the amp very solid. Simple amp mod, if your amp is specced to a 12AX7, to get the most out of this tube.

    reviewed by: Rocky Singleton
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