12AT7 / ECC81 Mullard

Price is for a single tube with standard testing.

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This is the Famous Mullard 12AT7. We mostly have the CV4024 version. The CV stands for "Common Valve" which is a military designator for the British military. Any tubes that were designated for the military, by law, could not have the factory logo on them. Often, CV tubes would be re-labeled after decommissioning so it is possible to see a factory logo on a CV tube. These are the real deal Mullard made tubes. Some of the last ones left, these are great sounding tubes with that old European heritage.

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    I used this as a phase inverter in my DRRI and it did improve the tone relative to the JAN Philips AT7 I was using (and had been happy with). The difference was a bit subtle, but definitely audible. The Mullard tube made the amp sound a bit sweeter/more beautiful.

    reviewed by: Mastroianni

    I play these in a Vox AC15 thru a Heritage 535 with Duncans, Jazz in Neck and Special Hot AlnicoV in Bridge with treble bleed & 500 K pots! I've used the Black Sable Cryo preamp tubes and they're great but the gain is such I need to lower amp volume to clean it up. These Mullards fit my Pups and I can crank the amp to let the Power Tubes (Telefunkens) do what they do best. I use guitar volume to moderate the input and it's awesome... lush overtones clear present highs and overall very warm! Try a set and depending on your guitar setup and amp don't overdrive the input with High gain pre-amp tubes: that's what Power Tubes are for!

    reviewed by: HR Fields
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